ARRL Field Day June 24-25, 2011 Lonny Johnson’s Ranch
Amateur radio enthusiasts from all over Oregon and southwest Washington gathered in Colton last weekend for an ARRL Field Day, testing their radio equipment and practicing communications so they’ll be ready if needed in an emergency.

The event, hosted by Lonny Johnson at his Colton property, was one of many nationwide gatherings of licensed amateur radio operators last weekend, facilitated by the American Radio Relay League, a national association for amateur radio.

“A field day is a day to practice using emergency power and get your radio going and set up antennas,” said Ken Tolliver of Tigard, secretary of the Cascade Amateur Radio Society (CARS), which sponsored the Colton event. “You get some practice and also see how other people do it.”
By: Bethany Monroe
Published: 6/30/2011 2:42:52 PM
Reprinted with permission from The Molalla Pioneer Newspaper

This last Friday and Saturday we had our Annual CARS Field Day out at the Lonny Johnson Ranch in Colton, Oregon. This year we were also joined by the Clackamas ARES group. The weather was great. Camping was fun. Several people set up HF Radio Stations; including their interesting antenna farms. Anyone that wanted to make contacts got a chance to. Contacts were made with North Pole, Alaska; Poland; Hungary; New Jersey; Russia; and of course California, Washington, Montana, Idaho, BC and countless other places. Several checked in to the LDS ERC Net & the Mercury Net on Saturday. Over 100 people attended. The District 1 EC David Kidd attended; as did the Northwest Regional Manager for the American Radio Relay League(ARRL). Jeff Holwege(Rainier Stake ECS & Clatsop County EC) and Frank Van Winkle(the Clatsop County AEC) attended with their spouses too. A reporter from a local newspaper also came out and interviewed several attendees for an upcoming news article. See article below:

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