The use of ITU phonetics is the preferred phonetic means for passing traffic accuratly and efficiently.  As good as this phonetic system is there are times in voice communication when it is handy to have a backup for the ITU phonetics.  The CERTS teams in our area are using the NYPD and British Alphabets as backup to the ITU format.  Click on the phonetics link to review the ITU system and the others mention here.

This link will take you to a document that can help prepare you for the technician class exam.  Exploring the whole site is recommended.  These people do a great job supporting the hobby of Amateur Radio.

Technician Class Study Slides and Exam Questions
For many their first Amateur Radio License will be the Technician. The links below provide access to pdf files that contain training slides for the Technician Class License and associated test questions.

Sample tests can be found at and at

Find an Exam Session in your area via this ARRL link